Optical Closures for Aerial<br>FSCO-AS series

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Optical Closures for Aerial
FSCO-AS series

FSCO-AS series

●Specifically designed for low fiber count aerial cables (up to 40 fibers), this rear branch closure offers versatile applications.
●The ELN type enables the use of SSW type low fiber counts aerial cables by introducing supporting wires into the closure body along with the cable body.
●The EL type includes hanging brackets which secure the closure to a hanging wire.
●Standard construction method involves using low fiber count aerial cables by pulling the drop cable from the passing wire at the intermediate back branch without cutting the strength member. Optionally, it is feasible to cut the strength member, pull the optical fiber core wire, and store the excess length.
●The splitter type is available up to 32 branches, while in case of using 2 fibers as pair for video and communication, up to 16 branches.
●The branching cables can be both drop cables and low fiber count aerial cables.
●Easily tighten the sleeve by sliding the stopper. The hinge mechanism is made of resin, so there is no risk of it falling off due to aging.
●The cable inlet utilizes grommet material which achieves no need for selecting packing size based on the cable’s outer diameter and no need of any materials for reassembly.
●Various splitter-mounted closures are available for PON system construction and the closures with POI (Interconnection) functions are available for in-house networks using dark fibers.