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Telecommunication Systems Business Unit

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You can download the catalog for Telecommunication systems products from this page.

Optical Fiber Cables

Product Product nameBrochure
Fiber Optic Cables

Outdoor WTC 144-6912F
Armored WTC 288-864F
Indoor WTC 144-6912F
Indoor/Outdoor WTC 144-6912F
MicroductAir Blow WTC 48-864F

Fusion Splicers

Product Product nameBrochure
Fucsion SplicersTelecommunication usesSplicersCore Alignment Fusion Splicer 90S+ Kit
Mass Fusion Splicer 90R Kit series
Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer 45S Kit
Mass Fusion Splicer 41R Kit
OtherSplice+ Cloud Connectivity App
R&D, Factory usesSplicersCore Alignment Fusion Splicer 90S+ Kit
Mass Fusion Splicer 90R Kit series
Strippers&CleanersSpecialty Fiber Stripper SS110
CleaversAdvanced Optical Fiber Cleaver CT110/111
Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver CT114/115/116
ProtectorsOptical Fiber Recoater FSR115/ 116/ 117

Optical Components

Product Product nameBrochure
Optical Components

MDC/MMC Solutions

MDC/MMC Cabling Solutions

MDC/MMC Patch Panel
MDC Connector Solutions
MMC Connector Solutions
MDC/MMC Cleaner
MDC Connector
MDC Connector
MDC Adapters
MDC Cleaner
MDC Jr. Connector
MMC Connector
MMC Connector
MMC Jr. and Adapter/Receptacle
MMC Cleaner
TMT Ferrule Technology
Optical Communication Components
Patch CordSingle-fiber Optical Connector
Simplex Patch Cord
Duplex Patch Cord
MPO Cabling System
MPO Cabling System
Optical Patch Panel and Connector Module
MPO Connector
Trunk Cable
Patch Cord with Fiber-optic Connector for MPO Cabling System

Field Installable Connector

FAST™ Connector Series
FAST™ Plus Connector
FuseConnect™ Series
FuseConnect™ for MPO
Mechanical SplicesMechanical Splice Element
CleanersPush-Type Cleaners
One-Click™ Cleaner PRO
Optical Distribution FrameOptical Distribution Frame CDF Series
Optical Distribution Frame FDF1000 Series
Optical Termination Enclosure for 19-inch RackFiber Optic Termination Box for 19-inch Rack Mounting(Sliding Enclosure) FTB-235 Series
Fiber Optic Termination Box for 19-inch Rack Mounting(Fixed Enclosure) FTB-223A Series
Optical Termination EnclosureOptical termination box (Residential outdoor use) FPB-202
Optical Termination Box (outdoor use) FSPH Series
Optical termination box FDB-FR Series
Optical Termination Box FDB-PR Series
Optical termination box (Apartment indoor use) FTB-601 Series
Optical Termination Box (indoor wall mount type) FDB Series
Small Rosette FPB-301 Series
Optical Splitter Module 3U Module Type FSC110 Series
Optical Splitter Module Cassette Type with 2mm Cordage FSC116 Series
Compact Splitter Module FSC114 Series
Optical Closures for AerialOptical Closures for Aerial FSCO-V3 Series
Optical Closures for Aerial FSCO-AS series
Optical Closures for Aerial Drop Connecting Case
Optical Closures for UndergroundOptical Closures for Underground FSCO-HHS Series
Optical Closures for Underground FSCO-FB/FB3 Series
Optical Closures for Underground FSCO-TN Series
Optical Fiber Devices
Fiber Brag GratingPump LD Wavelength Stabilizer
Fused CouplerOptical Fiber Coupler
Polarization Beam Combiner

Optical Fibers

Product  Product name Brochure
Optical Fibers Telecommunication FutureGuide FutureGuide-Ace
Specialty PANDA 1550nm band PANDA
1550nm band bend insensitive PANDA(15mm)
1550nm band bend insensitive PANDA(7.5mm)
1550nm band bend insensitive PANDA(5mm)
1400nm band PANDA
1310nm band PANDA
980nm band PANDA
850nm band PANDA
630nm band PANDA
530nm band PANDA
480nm band PANDA
0.41nm band PANDA
φ80μm cladding PANDA
Polyimide coated PANDA
TEC TEC PANDA fiber with heat resistant coating
TEC SM fiber with heat resistant coating
Heat-Resistant PANDA fiber with heat resistant coating
High temperature resistant acrylate fiber
Image FIGHT series N type
FIGHT series G type
FIGHT series S type
FIGHT series PI type
Large Core S series High OH
SB series Low OH
G series
Other Single Mode fiber(850nm band)


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