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Optical Distribution Frame
FDF1000 Series

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FDF1000 Series

■ A specially designed front access optical distribution frame with balanced usability and dimensions.
■ Achieve the desired capacity by mounting a combination of module units.
■ The transparent module facilitates port identification using visible light, serving as an effective countermeasure against accidental removal.
■ Kindly specify the type and quantity of the frame and the module unit to be mounted when placing an order.
■ Optical distribution frame comes with a door.
■ FDF1000RACK-8522 is a self-standing optical distribution frame primarily for MDF applications.
■ FDF1000RACK-6322 is an against-the-wall optical distribution frame primarily for DCI applications.

■ Configuration Example

■ Module Unit


Enhanced Connector Insertion/Removal through Module Drawer

Prevention of Incorrect Removal through Transparent Connector Adapter

Connection Example

Cross Connect
FDF1000RACK-8522 is applicable to this application.

FDF1000RACK-6322 and FDF1000RACK-8522 are applicable to this application.