Optical Closures for Underground<br>FSCO-HHS  Series

Optical Components

Optical Closures for Underground


■ Compact, high-density and pot-type underground fiber optic closure specifically designed for small handholes.
■ Accommodating up to eight multi-fiber cables.
■ Branches can output up to 6 cables, while drop cables can handle up to 16 cables.
■ Splitter type is available up to 32 branches, while in case of using 2 fibers as pair for video and communication, up to 16 branches.
■ No need of any materials for reassembly by utilizing non-adhesive low-hardness rubber for the sleeve gasket and end face rubber seal.
■ Easy opening/closing of the sleeve and no need for tightening torque control by the innovative band buckle unlike traditional band bolt screws.
■ The branch port features a knockout structure for effortless drilling with a single hex wrench when output is necessary. When not in use, no blocking is required, streamlining the construction process.
■ Superior packing technology without the need for tightening torque control and significantly reducing construction errors such as airtight leakage.
■ Available of a mounting bracket for small handholes.
■ Available of an adapter output type for enabling drop output with a field assembly connector for additional versatility.