Optical Closures for Underground<br>FSCO-HHS  Series

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Optical Closures for Underground

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■ Compact, high-density and pot-type underground fiber optic closure specifically designed for small handholes.
■ Accommodating SWR™/WTC™ and loose tube cables..
■ Branches can output up to 6 cables, while drop cables can handle up to 16 cables.
■ No need of any materials for reassembly by utilizing non-adhesive low-hardness rubber for the sleeve gasket and end face rubber seal.
■ Easy opening/closing of the sleeve and no need for tightening torque control by the innovative band buckle unlike traditional band bolt screws.
■ The branch port features a knockout structure for effortless drilling with a single hex wrench when output is necessary. When not in use, no blocking is required, streamlining the construction process.
■ Superior packing technology without the need for tightening torque control and significantly reducing construction errors such as airtight leakage.
■ Available of a mounting bracket for small handholes.
■ Available of an adapter output type for enabling drop output with a field assembly connector for additional versatility.

Applicable Cable TypeSWR/WTC, Loose tube cable
Cable Capacity /
Applicable Cable Dia.
Main Cable1 set (2 pcs) / 6-24 mm2 pcs / 6-24 mm
Branch Cable6 pcs / 6-19.5 mm6 pcs / 6-19.5 mm
Number of Splice Tray8 trays16 trays
Fiber CapacitySingle Fiber (*1)96 fibers (12 fibers/tray)192 fibers (12 fibers / tray)
12f SWR (*2)576 fibers (72 fibers / tray)1,152 fibers (72 fibers / tray)
IP RatingIP68 (*2)
Dimension (in approx.)W320 x D280 x L210 mm
Weight (in approx.)4 kg
RemarksPass through fiber tray mounted

(*1) 250µm, (*2) 200µm SWR, (*3) Waterproof 50 kPa x 1 hour