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Trunk Cable

Trunk Cable

■ This trunk cable serves to connect racks and rooms within the data center. It will be delivered with MPO, single-fiber connector termination, etc. The trunk cable with pulling eye or reel packaging is provided to accommodate various installation environments.


■ MPO – Single-fiber Connector (Fan-out)

■ Single-fiber Connector (Fan-out) – Single-fiber Connector (Fan-out)

■ Stock: The following cables are always in stock and can be assembled with connectors and ship in short lead time.
12 fibers …… OS2 (SM), OM3, OM4
24 fibers …… OS2 (SM), OM3, OM4
48 fibers …… OS2 (SM), OM3, OM4

Type A, Trunk Cable, Plenum, OM3-BIF, Aqua, 24 fibers, MPO (Female) -MPO (Female), Pulling Eye (One End), 40 m, Bundled
Type A, Trunk Cable, Plenum, OS2, Yellow, 48 fibers, Simplex SC/UPC-Simplex LC/UPC, Single-fiber Fan-out Length 1000 mm-1000 mm, No Pulling Eye, 60 m, Reeled

Possible Trunk Cable Details, including Ordering Options, etc.

■ Trunk Cable Structure

■ Trunk Cable Specifications
This design conserves space when cabling with multiple fibers featuring a smaller diameter compared to the exsisting cable with a set of cords.
It accommodates 12 fibers within a 3 mm subunit (cord), making it an ideal cable for MPO connector termination.

* The 24-fiber cable (4.5 x 7.4 mm) will be switched to the round cable (outer diameter 9.7 mm) as soon as it is finished in stock.

■ Reel
This reel consists of a wooden board and a paper tube body. It is assembled with bolts and nuts and can be disassembled and disposed of at the site after use. The compact size (with flange diameters of 44 cm and 60 cm) makes it easy to transport into the server room of the data center. The material is resistant to wood waste, allowing for use in the server room.

■ Pulling Eye
The outer diameter of the pulling eye ranges from 30 to 50 mm, depending on the fiber count and the quantity of connectors. The length of the pulling eye is determined by the length of the fan-out length and the connector quantity.

■ Polarity
The only type A wiring is described here. Please contact us for type B wiring, duplex SC or duplex LC connector termination.