Optical Patch Panel and Connector Module

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Optical Patch Panel and Connector Module

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Optical Patch Panel and Connector Module

■ These modules are deployed in various areas, including the main distribution area, for networking.
■ We offer a diverse range, from modular types to adapter panel types.
■ We not only facilitate the construction of a reliable and efficient fiber-optic cabling system but also enable quick and easy installation with all the plug-and-play connections in the patch panel.
■ Feel free to combine them with various trunk cables and patch cords.

Patch Panel Chassis & Modules




■ Emphasizing high-density mounting of modules in the chassis and ease of connector insertion and removal.
■ Features a multi-fiber MPO connector on trunk cable side and the option to choose LC or SC connector on patch cord side.
■ Each module supports both type A and B cabling.

■ Patch Panel Chassis

■ Module

Adapter Panel & Cord Storage Tray



■ Utilizes a combination of adapter panel and cord storage tray.
■ Supports LC, SC, and MPO connectors.

■ Adapter Panel

* aa: Adapter Color/BL: Blue, GR: Green, BG: Beige

■ Cord Storage Tray