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Optical Termination Box
FDB-PR Series

Optical termination box  FDB-PR Series

■ 4 fiber module is pre-installed in the termination box. The FO cord or cord preparation is not necessary, wich achive rapid installation.
■ The 24 fiber type can store pass through cables, and can offer mid-access branching of cables.
■ Module expansion for every 4 fibers is possible.
■ Lockable case. (-24SC/-48SC)
■ Single mode fiber only.

(*1) Specify < > in multiples of 4. . Note [FDB-PR-12SC] is the model number implements 1 module.
(*2) The number of connections depends on the number of modules implemented.

Type NoFDB-PR-12SC<*1>FDB-PR-24SC<*1>FDB-PR-48SC<*1>
Cable Installation DirectionBottomTop and Bottom
Connection TypeSC connector
Adapter CapacityMax 12Max 24Max 48
4FO ModuleModule CapacityMax 3Max 6Max 12
Pre-Installed Fiber4 Fiber Ribbon
Fiber Capacity4 Fiber Ribbon12 fibers48 fibers96 fibers
Number of Pass Through Fiber100 (*2)
Dimension(mm)W148 x H208 x D59W268 x H328 x D99W328 x H328 x D99
Mounting Hole Position(mm)W131 x H191, 4holes(Φ6)W251 x H311, 4holes(Φ6)W311 x H311, 4holes(Φ6)
Applicable CableInputRound cable Φ11 or lessRound cable Φ17 or less (3pcs)
Output2mm cord, 2mm width flat outdoor or indoor cableSC connectorized cord cables Φ15 or less (6pcs), 2mm cord, 2mm width flat outdoor or indoor cable
Weight (kg)Approx. 1Approx. 3.5Approx. 4
Optional Item4FO module

(*1) Please specify number or pre-installed 4FO module, (*2) Single side and both side branch of fiber are available.