Optical Splitter Module <br>Cassette Type with 2mm Cordage<br>FSC116 Series

Optical Components

Optical Splitter Module
Cassette Type with 2mm Cordage
FSC116 Series

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Cassette type with 2mm cordage FSC116 Series

■ No connector adapter on the panel makes compact and high dencity modules.
■ Comparing to patch cord connections with fusion splice, there is less connection, resulting in low loss.
■ It can be installed in blank spaces in housing or on indoor walls.

FSC116 Series

1×32 Splitter Module

Implementation Example
(Chassis + Modules)

■FSC116 Series Module Lineup

■FSC116 Series Chassis

Splitter Module Specifications

(*1) Loss uniformity in the table does not include input/output connector loss.