Pump  LD Wavelength Stabilizer

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Pump LD Wavelength Stabilizer

Pump LD wavelength stabilizer is used for external cavity of pump Laser Diode. 980nm and 1420-1490nm wavelength ranges are available.

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・Compact Size(Same diameter as fiber itself)
 *FBG portion is re-coated by UV resin.
・High reliability (Comply with GR-1209/1221 requirement)
・Polarization Maintaining (Optional)

Specifications example

Wavelengthnm980 / 14xx wavelength band
(Other wavelength is available)
Peak Reflectivity%1 – 15
(Full width half maximum)
nm0.5  – 3.0
Spectral SLSR(Side Lobe Suppression ratio)dB> 10
Insertion LossdB< 0.2
Center wavelength shift by temperature changenm/°C0.008 @980nm / 0.013 @1480nm (Typ.)
Operating Temperature°C0 – 70
Storage Temperature°C-20 – 80
Fiber diameter and coating250 μm UV cured acrylate resin
Fiber typeFujikura SM (Corning® SMF-28® compatible)
Fujikura PANDA Fiber (SM-98P, SM-14P)
Corning® HI1060 / Compatible
PackagingRe-coated (250 μm)


・980 nm LD stabilizer (EDFA)
・14xx nm LD stabilizer(Raman amplifier, EDFA)