Optical termination box<br>(Residential outdoor use)<br> FPB-202

Optical Components

Optical termination box
(Residential outdoor use)

Optical termination box(Residential outdoor use)

■ This cabinet is for jointing drop cables to indoor cables using FAST-SC (for dropping), and is installed on wall mounted.This cabinet is installed on the interior and exterior walls of residential buildings and connects drop cables to indoor cables via FAST-SC (for dropping).
■ There is no excess fibers in the cabinet. Easy installation.
■ For drop/indoor cables, use the fibers having R15mm bending diameter such as “SR 15″ and “SR 15 E“.

(*2) SC adapter is an option.
(*3) Max capacity of SC adapter.
(*4) FAST SC(for drop cable) is an option.

Type NoFPB-202FPB-202-1SCFPB-202-2SC
Cable Insertion DirectionBottom
Connection TypeSC connector
Number of Adapters (*2)None12
IP RatingIPX3 (JIS C 0920)
Dimensions(mm)W77 x H183 x D37
Mounting Hole PositionW27.5 x H123, 2holes(Φ4) and 1hole(Key hole for Φ4)
Applicable CableInput2mm width flat outdoor or indoor cable (2 pcs)
Output2mm width flat outdoor or indoor cable (2 pcs)
WeightApprox. 0.2

(*1) FAST-SC is an option, (*2) Adapter capacity is 2 pcs.