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MPO Cabling System

Cabling System Using 12MPO Connector

High-performance optical fiber not only supports 10GbE but also facilitates future transitions to 40GbE and 100GbE.

Fujikura fiber-optic cabling system for data centers comes equipped with fiber-optic connectors. Consequently, it is possible to construct a fiber-optic cabling system with plug-and-play, allowing for a swift construction process.

All Fujikura products undergo processing and assembly in a strictly controlled factory environment. A highly reliable fiber-optic cabling system can be built with no direct handling of optical fibers in the data center.

The use of wide-band multimode optical fiber allows for the extension of transmission distances. For instance, in the case of 10GBASE-SR, it can transmit up to 300 m in OM3 and 400 m in OM4.

Trunk cables with 12MPO connectors significantly reduce cabling volume. Additionally, patch panels feature a module-type design that enable high-density mounting.

Quick recovery is possible with the “FuseConnect™” splice-on connector in the event of a cable damage problem in the fiber-optic cabling system.

*Please contact us for MPO connector polarity.