FuseConnect™ for MPO

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FuseConnect™ for MPO

FuseConnect™ for MPO is factory pre-polished and could be terminated easily. Similar to the conventional single-core type of Fuse Connector in the field

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FuseConnect™ MPO

FuseConnect™ MPO splice-on, field-installable connectors are uniquely designed and feature just six components. The innovative factory pre-polished ferrule allows for a field-termination process that eliminates the need for polishing, adhesives and crimping in the field and minimizes the potential for operator error and expensive connector scrap. FuseConnect™ MPO is part of the FuseConnect™ splice-on connector family which includes SC, LC and ST style connectors.

The connector is designed for use with the new RT-02 ribbonizing tool which does not require ribbonizing glue resulting in a cleaner termination process.

FuseConnect™ MPO performs as an equivalent to the standard factory terminated MPO/MTP® assemblies. Designed to utilize standard ribbon, SpiderWeb Ribbon™, or loose tube cable, this connector helps minimize the complexity involved in the termination of a multi-fiber connection, allowing for a reliable and repeatable termination in field applications. Fujikura offers a tool kit as well as a variety of accessories designed to meet all your installation needs for your FuseConnect™ MPO application.


・12 fiber ribbon type (0.25mm fiber)
・3mm cord type
ConnectorMPO (12f)
 TypeSC*¹Low Loss SM*¹MM(OM1)*²MM(OM4)*³
Housing ColorGreenYellowBeigeAqua
Insertion Loss *⁴≦0.75 dB ≦0.35 dB ≦0.35 dB 
Return Loss *⁴≧65 dB ≧65 dB 
Remark6pcs packing unit

*1 : Mode field diameter : 8.6 um. (For 9.2 um type, please consult with us.)
*2 : GI62.5/125, IEC60793-2-10A1b
*3 : GI50/125, IEC60793-2-10A1a.3
*4 : with reference connector, SM@1310, 1550nm, MM@850, 1310nm

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TypePolishingMale(Connector with guide pin)Female(Connector without guide pin)

Optical product:
RT-02/Ribbonizing tool