Small Rosette <br>FPB-301 Series

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Small Rosette
FPB-301 Series

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Small Rosette  FPB-301 Series

■ Suitabe for termination of FTTH condominiums and of LAN (FTTD).
■ Built in FO(-PR) and field-assembled connector (FAST-SC)(-FS) available
■ Indoor cable and drop cable can be installed. use the fibers having R15mm bending diameter such as “SR 15″ and “SR 15 E“.
■ Drop/Indoor cable can be inserted from any one of four directions.
■ Cconnector protection cover saves connector from external impacts.

(*1): Built-in 4FO fiber line.
(*2): FAST-SC included.

(*1): Built-in 4FO fiber line.
(*2): FAST-SC included.